Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Saw this as we waited on Tom to reach mile 24 of the 2016 Grandma's Marathon.  His first marathon, and he did fantastic. 

Hidden Waterfalls

Our trip from Duluth to Thunder Bay was gorgeous, until Thunder Bay.  By then, we were tired from all the driving, Tom had only just run his first marathon the day before, and what sounded like an exciting place to visit turned out to be a city that seemed like it was trying to pull itself up out of a recession. 

It took us awhile to find the waterfront, and from there I made the best of it -- took off on a walk (to get in my Garmin steps) and found a spirit garden, but as I turned to see where my family had stalled out on me, saw that none of them had moved more than two steps since I'd left them.  They were all miserable, and mostly because we'd NOT stopped at any of the wonderful places we'd spied from the car windows along the way up.  We pushed ourselves to get to Canada just so the kids could say they went to a different country for summer vacation, and have their passports finally stamped - which didn't happen.  No stamps.  NICE people at the border, but no stamps.
Canada kind of turned back into Northern Indiana the longer north we drove.  Loved the lupines in bloom, but other than that, farms and amethyst digs.
I really wanted to go amethyst digging, but I was the only one.  It's nobody else's birthstone.
So we took a few shots at the bay, then jumped back into the car for the 3 1/2 hour drive back to Duluth - and thank God we kept our room at the Canal Park Inn that night and had it to look forward to.  Otherwise, who knows.  Spirits were low and judgmental.

I had to pee just as soon as we got back into the country, and though it annoyed the crap out of everyone to have to stop again so soon, I noticed a sign that read, 'This way to the FALLS' on my way to the stalls, and soon after I returned to them, exclaimed, "LET'S GO, EVERYBODY!!"  Groans and harumphs.

A half mile later, the round trip became completely worth every mile crammed inside the car.

It could have only been better if we'd seen a family of moose on the Canadian side of the river.
I was really hoping to see a moose, but a bald eagle family sufficed.

The ride back to Duluth was all smiles and rainbows over Lake Superior.

Things of Duluth


Shelly, the World Traveling Shell

This is for Courtni, because she had no idea how much this brought my spirits up - this creative task.

I've learned to go to the beach, give it all up to the waves, regroup, and resolve to keep on protecting what's good.
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